What Are The Advantages of WordPress Over Other CMS?


Are going to open a website on WordPress for you or your business and wondering if WordPress is the right CMS for you? This article for you because here we try to discuss about Advantages of WordPress.

It is needless to say when you Google with the search term “What is the best CMS”, you will most probably get the answer that “WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Web“.

The CMS platform is crowded with several free and paid content management systems. such as Drupal, Joomla, Wix, BigCommerce, Magento, Textpattern, Blogger, TYPO3, etc. Many of these have been invented several years ago than WordPress. However, none could rise and shine like WordPress in the context of performance, efficiency, and value. 

After starting the journey in 2003, WordPress hasn’t stopped evolving, at the initial stages it was only a blogging platform but now it is the largest CMS on the market that can be used for enterprise-level websites. Lets Learn- What Are The Advantages of WordPress.

 Now WordPress drives around 43% World’s websites. And in 2022, WordPress has a market share of 65.2%. This number has grown by more than 10% over the years.

 Sounds Pretty Amazing!

Let’s discover the truth for dispelling confusion about why WordPress is preferable to other CMS…

The Key advantages of WordPress over other CMS:

  • Easy to Use & Extensively Flexible
  • Highly Interactive and Responsive
  • Require No Coding Knowledge
  • Giant Themes & Plugins Library
  • Free of Cost & Open Source
  • Great Community Support
  • Safety and Security
  • Well Designed for SEO 
  • Higly Scalable
  • Data Portability, and Efficiency

1. Easy to Use and Extensively Flexible

WordPress is so easy to use that it allows everyone to create his/her online presence without any hitch. And one of the most significant aspects of WordPress is it provides freedom of choice to its users. It offers tons of customization options for building a website. 

WordPress enables its user to create and maintain their website from easy to use dashboard. You can create pages, posts, galleries, header, footer, menus, users level, and so on with a few clicks. 

 When you’re choosing WordPress, you are going to start your journey with a flexible and easy-to-use CMS system. It saves up time, money, and effort. Everything is prebuilt and predesigned, you just need to install the WordPress and the required themes and plugins. Then you’re ready to build your own website. You can design and customize your site as your wish.

The great Advantages of WordPress is, It is a multipurpose CMS system that equips your website with every type of tool based on the requirements. A single WordPress install allows you to develop whatever you need; a personal blog, a business website, an eCommerce website, or an education website. 

2. Highly Interactive and Responsive

WordPress websites are highly interactive and responsive. It supports cross-browser and all types of devices. It maintains consistency on all sized devices whether it is a mobile, tablet, or laptop. 

As well, WordPress presents a great user experience and user engaging mechanism.

WordPress facilitates its users to integrate interactive features and elements on their website to make it thoroughly appealing.

There are enormous free and paid tools to make your site look like as per your expectation.  You can add interactive content such as animations, videos, user-generated content, quizzes, polls, ratings, chatting options, commenting and feedback leaving functionality, and so on. 

A seamless user journey with astonishing features will help you to interact with your audience and potential customers in a great way and make them repeat visitors.

3. Requires No Coding Knowledge

WordPress websites require no coding or technical skills to operate. And you don’t have to hire a professional developer for managing your website. Non-tech users also can design and build their own websites with WordPress.

All you need to know is how to use the admin dashboard and you can manage everything from this multifunctional dashboard. You don’t need long-term training to manage regular updates and maintenance of your websites. The WordPress block editor and elementor page builder makes it really easy to create great-looking pages and posts on your site. 

WordPress is for every type of user whether you are a beginner or experienced programmer or non-tech with no coding skill or experience. With lots of built-in features and customization options that come with most plugins and themes, WordPress makes it possible to live your website on the internet in no time.

4. Giant Themes & Plugins Library

There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes and plugins are available.  And amazingly,  almost every single day new plugins and themes are released in the WordPress store. These are unique in feature and functionality. The unlimited number of useful themes and plugin availability make WordPress the most favored CMS.

There are tailor-made themes for all types of niches such as for restaurant business, marketing agency, travel blog, personal blog, eLearning site, fashion, lifestyle, newspaper, online store, etc. 

The pre-designed themes are customizable and these contain overall everything a specific niche website requires. You just need to change and revamp your website design using insert, delete or drag and drop actions. 

A variety of plugins are designed for different functionality. If you want to make any changes to your WordPress site you don’t need to touch the code, you will definitely find a plugin for every type of functionality that you may want to add. The plugins let you add all kinds of items such as contact forms, affiliate tools, SEO tools, image galleries, sidebar widgets, social share widgets, and much more. Even if you want to integrate third-party code you can place the code by plugins. 

5. Free of Cost & Open Source:

The term “open source” refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publically accessible.” The WordPress software is completely free and open source. You just need to download the software from WordPress.org, install it and you’re ready to go!.

WordPress itself and many of the themes and plugins are free under General Public License (GPL). As WordPress is open-source software anyone can use it for any purpose, can modify and change the program, redistribute the source code. 

Being an open-source software WordPress is getting developed swiftly by the WordPress developer community. Besides, WordPress programmers have the freedom to share code online and the sharing of code helps others to use the existing code and save up time and effort.

When you work with proprietary software with a small group of developers you are limited in a sphere and for any reason, if you want to switch the partnership you will find it much more difficult to move on. But whenever you work with an open-source platform like WordPress you will find it flexible in terms of changing partnerships. because thousands of WordPress developers and programmers are available across the globe. 

6. Great Community Support

The WordPress Community includes thousands of designers, programmers, marketers, technicians, and volunteers from all around the world. By joining the WordPress community you can get solutions, support, and answers to your questions. Besides you also can contribute to the community. 

The WordPress enthusiast believes in community power. They work for making the web accessible for everyone through collaboration and contribution. Tons of Professional developers available in the community who are passionate to help others. Their support creates significant impacts on the development and growth of WordPress. 

The community provides solutions and supports on various forums. Also, arrange conferences and meetups around the world. The locally-organized WordPress conference is known as WordCamp where thousands of WordPress devotees get together to discuss WordPress issues in relation to blogging, social media, business, updates, changes, ideas, network together, and much more. 

In a nutshell, The Global WordPress Community helps you to grow by interacting with the same niche of people and offers top-notch technical support free of cost in the shortest possible time.

7. Safety and Security:

WordPress is designed with technology and tools to keep your site safe from vulnerable malicious attacks, hackers, malware, and unauthorized access.

With proper steps and initiatives, a website owner can keep the site safe and secure though it is said that WordPress sites are a favorite target for hackers.

WordPress strengthen their security features on every update. Hence keeping the website up to date will reduce potential security threats. The same things need to do for themes and plugins. With every new release, they develop security by fixing bugs and potential security breach points.  You should always keep your activated themes and plugins updated to stay protected. 

Besides, there are several free and paid plugins to enhance the site’s security. These plugins do a great job to ensure the best security services.

In WordPress, if you have more than one collaborator you can define the user’s role and limit their access to websites data. The owner can define their role such as editor, contributor, author, etc. Each position has only access to the functionalities and content that are necessary for their job. Only the admin has full control over the site.

Besides, SSL certification on WordPress activates the HTTPS protocol and establishes secure connections by binding cryptographic keys to the website’s data.

Other security protection steps that are available in WordPress are renaming the login URL, enabling security scans, limiting login attempts, changing passwords on a regular interval, etc. 

8. Well-designed for SEO

WordPress beats other CMS platforms when it comes to SEO optimization. It proffers its users with the mechanisms to implement the SEO best practices easily on their websites. Search engines prefer WordPress websites to rank over other websites because of their performance, technical soundness, optimized speed, good SEO health, and responsiveness. 

In WordPress, there are well-developed SEO plugins to optimize content, titles, meta tags, URLs, speed, keyword focus, and much more! SEO Plugins like Yoast can analyze the content and suggest recommendations. These tools can check your website’s SEO level and give you an overview. 

SEO plugins employ advanced NLP and Artificial intelligence, hence these can reinforce your site very effectively.  

Almost all plugin has a free version that allows you to make your site SEO friendly without spending bucks. 

You just need to fix the basic settings of the plugins according to your needs and the plugin will handle the rest. It means when you’re using WordPress for your website you have got an SEO-ready website and its possibility is higher to rank on the Search Engines. Better ranking brings more visitors, increases CTR rate and ROI. 

9. Highly Scalable:

A website can be slow down and crashed due to high traffic. So, Scalability is a must-have feature for running a website successfully. WordPress is highly scalable. With the right infrastructure, tools, and resources you can build your WordPress website according to your needs. It allows you to create whatever you want whether it is a small recipe blog or a large online store. Hence WordPress is suitable for all types of companies from small, medium-sized to giant businesses. 

WordPress sites are capable of successfully serving high volumes of traffic at a time and can process page requests in no time. By choosing proper themes, plugins, and a reliable host provider you can ensure the scalability of your site. 

Small websites owners have to scale up their website when it starts growing and has to handle bigger data. When they are on the WordPress system they don’t have to worry about expanding and upgrading the website. because WordPress is so adaptable and extensible.

10. Data Portability, and Efficiency

Data portability refers to the capacity to which you can move data from one environment to another environment. It is so important if you don’t want to lose your website content while migrating to another platform. 

WordPress comes with built-in tools for exporting and importing data. If you want to move to a different system you can download all your content in XML format and export your data directly. 

WordPress enables users to back up their content, themes, images, plugins, and the entire database without difficulty. You can move the backup data to other Content Management Systems or even to another server. 

Besides Data portability allows you to use the same data on other platforms. The portability feature of WordPress makes it future-proof, at any point you can redesign your site in the meantime you can protect your resources.

Notable Big Name Brands that are Using WordPress:

According to a study by Manaferra, in 2022, Over 708 million sites use WordPress. Additionally, 14.7% of the world’s top sites are powered by WordPress. A few of the giant companies and brands in the world that are on WordPress are:

TechCrunch, BBC America, The New York Times, The Next Web, CNN Press Room, Microsoft News, Etsy Journal, TED Blog, Yelp Blog, and so on.

Special Notes

WordPress is the go-to option who are looking to open up a website because it is designed in such a way it is suitable for building any type of website whether it’s a business site, blog, portfolio, or online store.

WordPress is loved by beginners for its affordability, user-friendliness, and easy-to-use dashboard while it is preferable by advanced users and developers for its Robust API, open-source code, enormous resources, and very solid infrastructure with great built-in security.

Hope this article answered your question about the advantages of WordPress over other CMS. Although there are some drawbacks of WordPress in terms of updates, vulnerability, speed, or customization. But these can be overcome with the proper steps, initiatives, and with the help of the right person or agency.

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