Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Startups?

digital marketing

What is going on in Global Startup! 

Why there has been a record-breaking increase in small businesses globally!

What inspires young business graduates to start a start-up and become an entrepreneur!

What strengthens them to beat the already established giants in the business sphere!

Let’s explore to get the answers….

Digital Marketing Is All the Rage Nowadays – Businesses of all shapes are striving to create a strong online presence with the help of digital marketing.

“The global market for Digital Advertising and Marketing estimated at US$350 Billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US$786.2 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 13.9% over the analysis period.“ Source: ReportLinker

Over the years, breakthrough changes have been made in the business model. The traditional way businesses used to sell, advertise, and market products are revamped by modern methodology. The most significant aspect of modern technology is that it provides a cost-saving and easier approach for business publicity. Hence whether it is a startup or large company all are able to acquire the same level of popularity with the help of digital marketing. Each year, thousands of entrepreneurs start new businesses. 

According to the SBA: “There are over 31.7 million small businesses in America as of March 2021 compared to about 30.7 million a year earlier. On top of that, some 543,000 new businesses are started each month”

Importance of Digital Marketing for Startups

Fundamentally, the success of a business depends on effective marketing efforts. The more you promote your brand name the more you will gain acceptance from the people.  In nature, People tend to believe and trust the brand, business, or company that they are familiar with.  Startups need to market and advertise their service or product as soon as its launch. Here digital marketing opens the door to opportunities of success to startups and small businesses. 

Digital marketing enables Startups to take their endeavor to the next level. It should be a core concern of any Startups business from the beginning of its journey and to be continued as long as the business exists. A solid digital marketing plan and best practices can heighten ROI on marketing efforts. On top of that, it is scalable so the startup can pursue it with a limited budget. It saves time, energy, money, effort and brings optimum results immediately.

It allows you to follow customer-centric product marketing, comprehend the market competition, nurture the probable and existing customer and stay ahead of your competitor.

Here are the key points why digital marketing is important for every startup: 

  •  Provides Cost-saving Approaches
  • Presents a Wide Range of Marketing Channels
  • Create a Bridge between Customer and Startup
  • Helps StartUps to Build Brand & Accelerate Growth
  • Startups able to Track Performance & ROI 

Provides Cost-saving Approaches

The most significant importance of digital marketing is that it is cost-saving. In general, Startups begin their journey with a limited amount of capital. Their the early stages of a startup may not have enormous funding to allocate large amounts of money for advertising. In these conditions, Digital marketing provides start-ups with cost-effective marketing approaches. Digital media enable startups to implement effective marketing campaigns with their affordable budgets.

Traditional marketing channels like TV ads, newspaper, or magazine ads cost a big amount of money. Large companies can afford the money to run ads on these costly media but startups and mid-sized businesses find it hard to spend a lot of money to compete with the giants. Internet marketing supports startups by saving up their ad spend. Thus way it raises startups’ profitability and marketability.

Undoubtedly Digital marketing allows you to design your marketing plan that meets your budget. Even some forms of digital marketing are free of cost, only that you need to invest is time and effort. You can create and implement the marketing strategies on your own. However, success and effectiveness make it worthy of time and effort.

Presents a Wide Range of Marketing Channels

Digital marketing presents a wide range of marketing channels and mediums. A few of these are email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, video advertising, content marketing, etc. Hence, Startups get a lot of options for business publicity and reaching out to the new audience. 

Additionally, a startup can make its own status by stepping out into numerous digital channels. Online marketing gives businesses the advantage to utilize various platforms simultaneously and acquire customers from different marketing channels. All these create a great impact on business growth. 

Create a Bridge between Customer and Startup

Customer is the main asset of any business. By creating a trustworthy bridge between business and customer you can hike up business success.

Digital marketing not only helps to advertise a product or service but also provides a means to build a relationship with target audiences.

Social media marketing makes it easy for a startup to convey their brand value, product, and company information to the people and intensify customer engagement. Startups get the opportunity to directly reach the customer. Consumers also get space to share their feedback, opinion, and recommendation.

All these efforts make happy and loyal customers who will also work for brand advocacy spontaneously. Pleased customers love to suggest others to buy the service or product they find reliable.

Helps StartUps to Build Brand & Accelerate Growth

Digital marketing is crucial for building a brand identity. With the easy use of internet marketing, startups can create a transparent brand image and higher brand recognition.

Everyone is online and the internet has a global reach. Most of the time people tend to get product information from online resources before purchasing. Your awareness-building campaign will help them make purchase decisions.

Whenever you run an online marketing campaign, you may not get sales at that time but it definitely increases product awareness. The higher your brand recognition, the more possibilities to get customers.

Therefore, marketing in the digital space boosts visibility, brand recognition, broadens customer reach, and accelerates growth.

Enables Startups to Track Performance & ROI 

The tracking feature of digital marketing is of the most significant importance for Startups.  It facilitates them to invest in marketing most efficiently.

Startups require to sharpen their marketing effort in order to get success and avoid loss of investment on ad spend. They need to take care and understand the effect of every single task they are performing for business development. 

Digital marketing is measurable & trackable.  A startup can measure the amount of revenue earned for every dollar and every effort that they are investing in digital advertising.

Digital marketing allows them to track the tasks and initiatives they’re taking. They can get insightful data by analyzing several tracking metrics such as website traffic, user interaction, buying behavior, CTR rate, sales ratio, etc. 

Final Remarks

Online marketing is an excellent opportunity for your startups to grow triumphantly. It provides a convenient way to gain more valuable traffic and sales. Hence, the demand for digital marketing is growing exponentially and the expensive traditional marketing is becoming outdated. 

Besides in latest survey of CB Insights found that 17% of startups fail because of inappropriate marketing.

The above statistics are clearly illustrating the importance of digital marketing for Startups. For that very reason, it’s high time to leverage the latest digital marketing technologies to sustain in this competitive world.

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